Climate Change is a Scary Ghost?

By: Mahfud Achyar, Indonesia

Climate change is one of the defining issue of our era. Many people talking about Climate Change on seminar, talkshow, confrences, and so on. But, Climate Change issue just a slogan. Human in the world seldom to concern how to make this issue to be an important. What for? Cause climate change is sign from the universe to developt a human logical awareness. That’s the point, save our earth! So simple right?

Climate Change Confusion Over Extreme Weather. Source:
Climate Change Confusion Over Extreme Weather. Source:

What is the climate change? Since 1900, the global average surface temperature has increased by about 0.8 DC (1.4 F). This has been accompanied by warming of the ocean, a rise in sea level, a strong decline in Arctic sea ice, and many other associated climate effects. Much of this warming has occurred in the last four decades. Detailed analyses have shown that the warming during this period is mainly a result of the increased concentrations of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Continued emissions of these gases will cause further climate change, including substantial increases in global average surface temperature and important changes in regional climate. The magnitude and timing of these changes will depend on many factors, and slowdowns and accelerations in warming lasting a decade or more will continue to occur. However, long-term climate change over many decades will depend mainly on the total amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases emitted as a result of human activities.

One of the causes of climate change is human-generated gerbage. Center Suistainability from Duke University said the average person generates 4.3 ponds of waste per day. This is 1,6 pounds more than most produced back in 1960. So what should we do? Approximately two-thirds of our household waste can be composted. If compost is not an option, so I recommended to make “Waste Bank” solution to environmental problem and climage change issue.

A gerbage bank focused on managing household waste and turning the waste into organic fertilizer, as well as selling used things like plastic bottle, card board, and scrap iron. I was inspired by Muhammad Yunus as social entrepreneur from Pakistan. He’s a pioneer in the world of social entrepreneurship, and is perhaps its most famous and widely recognized face. Yunus is most famous for being founder of Grameen Bank, a microfinance institution that lifted millions of Bangladeshis out of poverty by giving them access to small loans with no collateral. For all his efforts he was awarded with the Nobel Prize for peace in 2006. Since then he has shown no signs of stopping: he’s involved with Grameen Foundation, Grameen Phone, Grameen Danone and many other institutions of repute.

It’s a like community development. Dreaming about a better world is fun. But what can individuals do to help bring that world closer to reality? So, what’s the benefit of garbage? I quoted the idea from Randy Salim (social entrepreneur). He said Waste Banks like a regular commercial bank, you open up an account with your local waste bank. Periodically, you make deposits with your non-organic solid waste, which are weighed and given a monetary value, based on rates set by waste collectors. This value is saved in your account from which, like a regular bank, you can withdraw. The basic principles of waste banks remain the same across provinces: collect, save, earn, change behavior, and enjoy a clean neighborhood.

With a good waste manegement, will certainly bring a positive things for the environment. Life to be healthy. In addition, people also benefit from the management of waste banks in the form of matter. This I think is an interesting idea and should be developed . If this movement has become a global movement of the problems of climate change can be handled well.

“No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution… revolution is but thought carried into action.”

Emma Goldman

Click to access climate-change-full.pdf


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