Psychology and Philosophy talk about: HAPPINESS!

"When you Believe!"
“When you Believe!”

Psychology and philosophy point to the same basic principles: HAPPINESS comes from accepting (and feeling grateful for or resolved about) the past, staying fully engaged in the present, and anticipating the future with enthusiasm. Here’s what we can learn from centuries of wisdom:

Accept the Past

We all have had struggles, challenges, and suffering in our past. But happiness comes when we feel a sense of acceptance, gratitude, and fondness about what has happened, both the good and the bad. Learning from and making peace with the past allows us to be freer in the present.

Stay Engaged in the Present Moment
Almost all spiritual texts, teachers, and trainers guide people toward becoming more present in the moment. This means staying engaged in what we are feeling and doing, bringing our full conscious presence to the moment and the people in our lives.

Positively Anticipate the Future

There’s always tomorrow. Even if you know there’s going to be hardship and struggle, because there will be the future is wide open. What are you excited about for tomorrow? What could you look forward to? What can you do to bring joy or love or meaning to your and other’s day tomorrow? These types of questions pondered seriously and joyously can fire us with life once more.

Quoted from Mr. Brendon Burchard


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