Desire, vision, and dreams!

Dreams. Sumber: google
Dreams. Sumber: google

“God only gives us challenges. So we can overcome Them.”
– Minakata Jin

The quote I quoted from Japanese drama titled JIN. I think it was one of the best drama I’ve ever watched, and the quote is one quote that inspired of my life. Anyone would agree that the life is not always easy. God gives us challenges that we are increasingly becoming a strong and powerful man. However, there are times when I feel weak like a loser because of the challenge we cant overcome. I then pondered; identify problems, self-improvement, and I promised to myself that I would be able to overcome any challenge that came in my life.

Since the age of eight years old, I love to read. I have several collections of books as a collection of short stories, novels, and others. I also often read magazines belonging punch my parents and also some children’s magazines at the time. For me, books or magazines are great friends. From them I learned many things about the world of imagination, contemporary news, and the world out there that I had never met. The habit of reading that I started as a child, made me eager to pour what’s on my mind through writing. I also write things as simple as short stories, poetry, essays, and news. In fact, when I was 10 years old, I have a book that contains a collection of poems that I wrote the handwriting.

When I in junior high school, I have a chance to be one of the authors in school magazine. For me, when writing and my work has published on display in school magazine and read by many people, it is a satisfaction that can’t be expressed in words. I’ve heard from someone that the Indonesian people more to talk than to write. I want to be able to communicate both orally and in writing that well.

Over time, I loved the world of literature and communication. When the selection of college, I choose communication majors as my first choice, literature as my second choice. However, I have quite complacent because accepted second choice. But that does not matter because the literature is my passion. Although I studied literature, while in college I dabbled in student journalism. In my opinion, literature and communication with subtle disciplines. In college, I believed to be the chief editor of the campus magazine. Interviewing experience with the great figures in Indonesia very meaningful in my life.

Ahead of college, I was also believed to be a reporter in PR University of Padjadjaran to cover news event, especially internal campus event.

I am currently working on one NGO in Indonesia. I love the social world. For me happiness of life is not just belong to me as personally. I have a duty to share to those who are less fortunate. I love being able to work professionally in the field of Marketing Communications especially in the reportage. I would like to invite people who are financially fortunate to be concerned with others through my writing.

best regards!


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