Spiritual Journey to Cheng Hoo Mosque

Surabaya, November 3.

Sunday. I was confused where i’m going. Perhaps I’ll spend the time in the house to read a books, listen to music, and watching the movies. Surabaya’s hot weather and blazing sun will make anyone lazy to get out. The city is unique. While many cities in Indonesia have often rain, rain is very rare in Surabaya. If any rain, rainfall is definitely a bit and takes place in a very short period of time. I love the rain, hopefully the following days will be rainy in a long time in this city.

After thinking for a long time, finally decided to come out with Bowo. Our main goal is to bookstore. Understandably, as a young vibrant Indonesia, earlier this month is a routine to visit the bookstore. I usually buy a few books. But this month, I withhold my desire to buy the book, cause there are many books that I have not read. Especially recently I get sent a books from my best friend, Dani Ferdian. The title is “Badai Pemikiran Anak Kedokteran” which also has not read. Ah, I know envy when it turns out a lot of my friends have produced a masterpiece in the form of a book. When i? Pathetic.

Visit to the bookstore, always arise jealousy. Seeing display books cover neat and very interesting book. Again a scolding for myself, when I’ll have the book? When? At the age of 23 years should I have spawned several book’s. Crummy.

The first bookstore we visited was Togamas Bookstore in Pucang street. Actually, who intend to Bowo’s book. I just envelop book. Next we all to Manyar Bookstore. But the book was not being sought bowo found. Eventually we had to Gramedia Bookstore in Basuki Rachmat street. We think that Gramedia is a great bookstore, of course, a large collection of books and hopefully look for books that we found successful. My eyes focused attention to each book are arranged neatly on a bookshelf. Then I was feeling tired from standing too long. Finally I decided to sit down to wait Bowo managed to find the book he was looking for.

Then I showed up bright idea. I want to Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque. A long time ago, I wanted to go there but have not materialized. I also track the location of Cheng Hoo Mosque nokia drive equipped with GPS 3D. Apparently its location near. I also propose to Bowo go there by navigation of nokia drive. Travel time to the location is only about 13 minutes (if I recall) and we also managed to find the location of Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque.

Painting of Cheng Hoo at beside of mosque
Painting of Cheng Hoo at beside of mosque

Cheng Hoo is one of the Muslim leaders that I admire. He was an accomplished sailor who has been around the world and sail the ocean, long before the Europeans managed to explore earth. Cheng Hoo first sailed the Dead Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and other oceans. In addition, as a Muslim who came from China, Cheng Hoo is known as a devout Muslim, brave, kind, and friendly.

Zheng_he (Wikipedia.com)
Zheng_he (Wikipedia.com)

Cheng Ho or Zheng He ( Hanzi traditional:郑和, Hanzi is simple:郑和, Hanyu Pinyin: Zheng He, Wade-Giles: Cheng Ho’s real name: 马三宝 Hanyu Pinyin: Ma Sanbao; Arabic name: Haji Mahmud Shams) (1371 – 1433 ), was a sailor and explorer of China famous for doing some exploration between the years 1405 to 1433. Zheng He was a eunuch Muslim who became a close confidant Yongle Emperor of China (reigned in 1403-1424, the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty. His original name was Ma He, also known as Ma Sanbao (马三保) / Sam Po Bo, the province Yunnan. When army conquered Yunnan Sun, Cheng Ho was arrested and then made eunuchs. He was a Hui tribes, tribes that are physically similar to the Han, but a Muslim. Zheng He sailed to Malacca in the 15th century. In 1424, Emperor Yongle died. His successor, Emperor Hongxi (to power in 1424 – 1425, decided to reduce the influence of eunuchs in the palace. Cheng Ho did the expedition again during the reign of Xuande Emperor (reigned 1426-1435).

Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque is located at Gading street 2 Surabaya. Cheng Hoo Mosque is not only in Surabaya. As I know, the city of Semarang and also Pasuruan Cheng Hoo Mosque. Why Cheng Hoo Mosque in Surabaya also? Since Surabaya is one of the places visited by Cheng Hoo. Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque was established by the Muslim community blooded Chinese Surabaya. The mosque is unique because the design of the mosque is an Arabic and Chinese acculturation. Actually Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque size is not too large. But once the mosque is very convenient for worship cause there is no wall so the wind more freely into the room mosque.

The name of Allah (Cheng Hoo Mosque)
The name of Allah (Cheng Hoo Mosque)

Besides being a place of worship, Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque also serve as a center of Islamic religious recognition, spiritual tourism sites, learning Mandarin, and a gathering place of bloody Muslim Chinese. On the porch of the mosque reserved guest book. I also fill in the guest book. Apparently Cheng Hoo Mosque visitors not only from the city of Surabaya, but from other cities like Jakarta. Perhaps the main reason of their and I visited this mosque is to marvel at how great Islam and the extraordinary figure of Cheng Hoo as Muslims who have come out to different parts of the world.


Islam has spread to various around the world, including in China, Xianjiang. First, Islam is only growing in Arab lands. Recently, Islamic Islam growing and accepted by the people because Islam is human nature itself.
Alhamdulillah, Islam in Europe is currently growing. France is one of the countries in Europe with the highest number of Muslims. Admiral Cheng Hoo is one preacher who spread the beauty of Islam in humans.

Grateful to Cheng Hoo, tribute for Him 😉


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* i’m sorry my english so bad!

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