“The Masterpiece” based on true story Helen Keller

Jakarta, 20 February 2012
11:44 am

senjaPelangi holic..

Today, i want to share about art, letter, and true story. Would you like read my post? Yes, really? Ok, stay cool in area 🙂

Guys, you know about Helen Keller? No? Oh no! That’s not funny, you know!! Cause, who’s don’t know about her? She is most famous in this world? She is inspring people for decade? Ya, i think so.. But, you must know that arround people in the world is inspiring for me and us..

Hellen Keller on Wikipedia

Oke, let’s check her profil on wikipedia.com:

Helen Adams Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her family lived on a homestead, Ivy Green, that Helen’s grandfather had built decades earlier. Helen’s father, Arthur H. Keller, spent many years as an editor for the Tuscumbia North Alabamian and had served as a captain for the Confederate Army. Helen’s paternal grandmother was the second cousin of Robert E. Lee.Helen’s mother, Kate Adams, was the daughter of Charles Adams. Though originally from Massachusetts, Charles Adams also fought for the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, earning the rank of brigadier-general.

Helen Keller was not born blind and deaf; it was not until she was 19 months old that she contracted an illness described by doctors as “an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain”, which might have been scarlet fever or meningitis. The illness did not last for a particularly long time, but it left her deaf and blind. At that time, she was able to communicate somewhat with Martha Washington, the six-year-old daughter of the family cook, who understood her signs; by the age of seven, she had over 60 home signs to communicate with her family.

In 1886, her mother, inspired by an account in Charles Dickens’ American Notes of the successful education of another deaf and blind woman, Laura Bridgman, dispatched young Helen, accompanied by her father, to seek out Dr. J. Julian Chisolm, an eye, ear, nose, and throat specialist in Baltimore, for advice. He subsequently put them in touch with Alexander Graham Bell, who was working with deaf children at the time. Bell advised the couple to contact the Perkins Institute for the Blind, the school where Bridgman had been educated, which was then located in South Boston. Michael Anaganos, the school’s director, asked former student Anne Sullivan, herself visually impaired and only 20 years old, to become Keller’s instructor. It was the beginning of a 49-year-long relationship, Sullivan evolving into governess and then eventual companion.

Ok. stop it! Next, i want to share about masterpiece based on true stroy Helen Keller. As i know, two masterpiece born from her story. In India, who’s don’t know #BLACK (2005) Movie? Yes, Black is one of masterpiece adapted by Hellen’s story.

Check it out: <a href="http://

I have wrote some quote from Black movie. This quote presented by Rani Mukherjee as Michelle, when she standing on the graduation stage 🙂

Black 2005

“Black is not only darkness and suffocation. It is the color of achievment. The color of knowledge. The color of graduation robe. The calor that we all share today. But there is a difference between you and me. Today you all wear this to celebrate graduation. But not me. Because i want my teacher to be the fist one to see me. Wear this black robe.”

And then, let’s check second masterpiece in Indonesia. Yeah, allow me to introduce the best novel “Moga Bunda Disayang Allah” crated by Tere Liye.

Moga Bunda Disayang Allah - Tere Liye

Oke, share is over. Oya, i’m forget, i wanna share about my experience when my graduation. Maybe this story like a Helen’s story. There are graduate who were given an ovation by the people. Because her graduated, although he was blind. That was incredible! So, do not make deficiency as a weakness. Make it as something special that God gave to us.

Ok, finish.

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