Untold Story

I have been disappointed with the fate that does not side with me. never sorry and regret this happened. however, I realized that this is the best of the gods. I will always be grateful. Thank god, you said it all with your love.This article will tell you how I feel when indirectly been a part of the SOL II. For some reason, I was disappointed with the results of the committee stating I can not come quarantine SOL II. I’m sad, I was disappointed, and perhaps regret for what had happened. I tried to be patient. and accept the existing reality. but no! This heart could not invited compromise. on the one hand, I blurted out my sincerity. but, I can not lie to myself that I was disappointed.

I was disappointed because they can not fight with my beloved friends at SOL II. so, I invite anyone to come to enliven the event SOL II on the valley, Bandung. ah, no! Where might I can. however, I returned trying to be wise and seemed to entertain himself. “ah, come on this issue of destiny. maybe my presence is important. I want to see them learn, laugh, and struggle. God willing, I’ll be there.

Friday (3 / 12), I, rijal, nuni, and visited the valley melz. and I am very pleased. I tried to cover up regret that controls the soul. or whatever his name. I wanted to show my strength. and they know it. How happy I am to meet again with Nesha, Dika, Dhinda, Tina, and others. we smiled at each other and took a picture together.

The next day, (4 / 12) I returned to Lembang. the difference, now I am left with the trio, nuni, Ozone, and Ahmad. along the way so much fun. full competition. I really enjoyed and was grateful to follow series of SOL. I was not the difference may be participants.
I say clear, I am very happy. I believe this is destiny that God promised it to me. I’m glad to see them again. for some reason, they were so quick to steal my heart. I feel comfortable being among them. they are a fun person. I am proud to be met and became acquainted with them.

Oya, there are things I could not forget at this event. when I was not able to distinguish between illusion, drama, conspiracy, and the reality.

Saturday night: Camp Fire
after displaying the inauguration. such as Saman dance, drama, poetry musikalisasi, and so on. Well, the show has been waiting for a bonfire.
because at this event, anyone can excite the emotions of their souls. the night was over quite melancholy.
but, suddenly there was a military man who stopped our show that night. I got surprised. I thought it was just a mere drama. because on that day Dwi birthday. agh, I’m still confused, is this real or not. And you know, it was only a mere conspiracy. was a trick to make Dwi Nur feel guilty as a committee chairman. when in fact, that’s one scene in the drama.

I thought hard, whether it plays or not. I muttered to myself, “this may just a sham. ah, how the day tomorrow”

then, around 11 o’clock that night, going dispute between Ayoedha and Dita. they argued. berate and yell at each other. ah, is this real? Furthermore, the drama continues. Asrul lost some where. I thought, if he was kidnapped. I tried to contact him. but could not. always rejected. ah, what’s happening. suddenly, there was cheering from the barracks.

ah, stupid! I was fooled. it was just Camouflage. They deceived us. and why I can trust? ah, only this time I was really fooled. they’re good acting. turns out, it just engineering. happy birthday to Dwi Nur, S.Si.

The next day, the day that awaited. Outbound and inauguration. exclaimed one. I can work on SOL friends. I crossed out their faces. using charcoal. hahaha, I’m satisfied.

Finally, they are constituted. sense of sadness and pride over my heart. although I was not part of them. but I feel a part of them. I was really touched. they were incredible. Thank you, my friend! I am very happy to know you. This wisdom and destiny. when we are able to see it wisely. Amen.

We are the real leaders. we will change the world. we believe, we are able. our great people. guys, thanks for the jokes, laughter, and friendship that you offer.

student life! people live Indonesia!
rose the youth! Indonesia for the better! thank you all.

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